About The Battery

The Battery was a unique sort of social destination. I suppose I should not have been surprised. As I walked among its members, it was clear they were most at ease on their toes. An eager, inquisitive bunch, always curious, always on the hunt for new ideas and problems to solve. So it seemed natural that this energetic establishment was their idea of a place to relax. A place that could only be called traditional if you kept in mind its city’s traditional offerings of progressive thought, diversity and intelligence with just a touch of the bizarre. They made that decked out old building come alive with ideas and excitement. The cocktails and cuisine didn’t hurt the mood either.

Indeed, here is where they came to refill their cups. To tell stories. To swap ideas. To eschew status but enjoy the company of those they respected. Here is where they came to feel at home on an evening out.

Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday : 7am - 10:30am

Saturday and Sunday : 7am - 9am


Saturday and Sunday : 9am - 2:30pm


Monday - Friday : 11:30am - 2:30pm


Monday - Thursday and Sunday : 5:30pm - 10pm

Friday and Saturday : 5:30pm - 10:30pm


Monday - Thursday : 11:30am - midnight

Friday and Saturday : 11:30am - 1am

Sunday : 2:30pm - last call


Members may invite up to three guests (aged 18 or over) to join them at the club. Restaurant reservations may be made for parties of any size (guests aged 18 and over). Members may also enjoy member events such as exclusive dinners, fun and informative tastings, live music performances, cultural talks and Q&A sessions. Enjoy access to our restaurant, 717B, for Sunday Brunch and bring the family.

How to Join

To join The Battery you must be nominated by a current member. Once that lovely moment happens, you will need to fill out an application and await approval. After your membership has been approved, you will receive a unique kit of parts which is when the fun begins.

The Battery Customs

Thomas Moller

Director of Art

The Art Program of The Battery centers around rotating exhibitions. The idea of the Art Program is to integrate itself into the Bay Area art community, creating a synergy between our members and the arts around us. The Art Program is designed to be an educational, accessible, fun experience for our members. Tours of galleries and artists studios, art talks, field trips to museums and events in the US and Europe are all part of it.